The Process

It all starts with a phone call or e-mail, starting the process for Cabinets or Countertops, or both, as a full kitchen or bath remodel. Simply, e-mail us or call us, and we will be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your project. In some cases, we can go off of a drawing and photos that you may provide us with, and give you a close ball-park quote to help get things rolling for you. Of course, we always like to measure in person for accuracy and to provide you with a fair quote. Therefore, scheduling an in-home evaluation or visiting our showroom is always advised for the best experience.

Once we have your sq footage, we can tell you how much material you will need (Slabs) when you decide on the material/color and the price is satisfactory to you. Then, at that point, we will move to the contract stage, where a deposit is required. Following that, in a week, we will come back and make a “template.” A template is the exact cutting measurements that we fabricate your slabs by. Depending on how busy we are, we will be back to install the countertops within 10-days from the template.

Slabs come in all sizes, but the average Granite slab is around 55 sq feet, and the average quartz slab is 52 sq feet. There is a 20% waste factor when fabricating the slabs, and if the project has curves or angles, that waste factor will jump up, creating a need for more material. Again some material does come as large as 75 sq ft in a single slab, depending on color.



Cabinets take longer of course as our design team must measure and then create your vision on the computer for you. Once we have your desired design and meet your budget then we go into the order/manufacturing phase of the cabinets. We have some cabinet lines that can range from as quickly as 2 weeks installed, to 2 months depending on what line you desire. When going with our full custom line those lead times are much longer of course.

We DO NOT work with laminate/formica or Prefab China/Indian Granite. All of our Countertops are custom cut and finished and installed from a raw slab.


Material we offer is All Natural Stones, GRANITE – NATURAL meaning made by mother natural not mankind. Granite,Marble, quartzite, onyx, soapstone, and travertine “SLABS” are all mined from mountains around the world and unique where no two are a like.


We offer just about every brand on the market today. QUARTZ is made up of 93% natural stone ground up and baked in mold with polymers and resins to create wide range of unique color options. In some cases Quartz is just as strong as natural stone and does not stain like natural stone which is pour-us. Thin PORCELAIN is also a countertop option this product comes in on the higher-side of price for both material and fabrication as it can be difficult to work with, it also has limited edge options, but we have done many projects using porcelain over the years.

Granite and natural stone are pretty much impervious to heat and quartz while it is okay if you place hot frying pan on the surface for a short time, you cannot keep anything hot on the surface of quartz for an extended period of time. Like Crock-Pot simmering for hours, the heat will interact with the quartz and in some cases can cause it to crack. I always recommend using cutting board for quartz countertops when cutting and cooking. Other than that quartz cleans up pretty easy and as of these days seems to be the home owner ’s choice for countertops.


Any of the big-box stores will sell Granite or natural stone cleaner and sealer. The process is the same as cleaning your countertops, you spray and wipe, and that is it. You can do this once a month or once a year, but that’s up to you. There is no process for sealing and cleaning granite. That is just a myth.



On Countertop Projects, another thing to remember is that in some cases, but not all, when removing old Countertops or Tile in the DEMO-PHASE of the project, drywall repair and paint afterward may be necessary. As well as PLUMBING, we are not Plumbers, dry-wallers or painters. However, we can recommend people we work with if you need that kind of work done in your home. If we are doing the entire kitchen remodel, meaning cabinets and countertops, then of course we consider that part of our responsibility and will handle those issues. If any other issues arise, simply bring them to our attention, and we will always make it right.

Thank you once again for considering us, and please, contact us with any other questions you may have.