Countertop Rock supplies, Fabricates and Installs all natural stones available today. Granite – Quartzite -Marble – Travertine – Soap stone – Onyx, if they make it, we can get it. We Also offer all of the top brand named man-made Quartz Countertop Products such as Cambria – Cesare Stone – Sile Stone – Boulder-Image – Della Terra – Viatera – Pental Quartz and many more…

Take It From The Yard

Besides the dozens of distributors we buy from, we also keep some of our own stock from time to time in our own facility. We have a very extensive yard full of remnant “leftover” pieces of granite and quartz that can save you money in most cases when doing a vanity, bar top, barbecue, or small kitchen. If we “take it from the yard,” as I like to say, depending on stock at that moment, you could save big.

Countertop Colors & Suppliers

Granite and Quartz countertop Colors come in category’s or groups: Group 1 thru 5 with group 5 being the most expensive – price has to do with the rarity of the color of the slab.

Below is the list of some of our stone suppliers we have long term relationships with. Feel free to browse their web sites to see all of the available colors that are out there today, and call for a price quote.
We also have show room located in tempe where you can see many color samples.