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Countertop Rock is a custom specialty shop. We can create anything in mill work for your residential or commercial remodeling projects.
(If you are a commercial contractor please click here) We are your Arizona connection for kitchen & bathroom remodeling. We are experts and specialists. We offer a wide selection of kitchen cabinetry for almost every budget, style, and taste. Whether it's a high-end, multimillion dollar custom home, or a small and simple kitchen remodel, we offer something for every budget. Our CTR Line of cabinets offers seven unique kitchens and fifteen new bath vanities to chose from. Many cabinets and vanities have the same styles so the new look and feel will be uniform throughout the home.

Our new line of CTR cabinets offers extremely high-quality features with many beautiful cabinetry styles to choose from... All with quick lead times at a fantastic price anyone could afford. The cabinet doors, drawers, and frames are made from solid plywood box construction and solid wood, which gives you the highest possible quality at an extremely competitive price. Typical lead time on our new CTR Arizona kitchen cabinets is eighteen days installed. We offer full kitchen and bath design, remodeling services, and complete installation. Countertops and Cabinets together or as separate projects "if you didn't call us, you paid too much."


Arlington Style Kitchen Cabinets

Arlington Kitchen Cabinets

Cambrian Style Kitchen Cabinets

Cambrian Kitchen Cabinets

Carmel Style Kitchen Cabinets

Carmel Kitchen Cabinets

Dover White Style Kitchen Cabinets

Dover White Kitchen Cabinets

Halston Style Kitchen Cabinets

Halston Kitchen Cabinets

Madison Style Kitchen Cabinets

Madison Kitchen Cabinets

Vintage Estate Style Cabinets

Vintage Estate Cabinets


This new Kitchen Cabinet Collection is a combination of unique door front designs with specific finishes. With styles ranging from the clean and understated to the more luxurious and detailed our new Kitchen Cabinet Collection is a set of preferred styles that are ideal for each distinct home.


Brandywine Style Kitchen Cabinets

Brandy Wine

Luxurious, Cherry Auburn

* Material: All Wood Construction / Maple Wood
* Paint Finish:The Brandy Wine finish so closely resembles that of cherry wood that the distinction is nearly impossible to detect.
* Warranty: Five–Year Limited Warranty
* Style Influence: Colonial / American Classic





Infused Honey Style Kitchen Cabinets

Infused Honey

Soft, light gold to light brown

This buttery, toffee–like finish adds a sheen and tonal variety to the cabinet that is much like natural hickory wood. Evoking images of the warm and exotic, this style matches well with a rustic Italian countryside inspired décor.

* Material: All Wood Construction / Maple Wood
* Paint Finish: The light blonde finish of this cabinet style softens the natural color variation of the wood and limits the tonal range of the style’s color palette to light to medium brown.
* Stain: Subtle Blonde
* Warranty: Five–Year Limited Warranty
* Style Influence: Italian Countryside




Infused Honey

Lucerne Style Kitchen Cabinets


Soft, Cinnamon Brown

Mirroring both the shape and color of European terra–cotta tiles, the Lucerne style was inspired by the charm of the Swiss city of Lucerne. The gentle slope of the door frame is offset by the hand–detailed glazing of the center panel.

* Material: Wood Construction / Maple Wood
* Paint Finish: This rich, satiny stain carefully blends the tonal variation of the wood, giving this simple door design a clean and organic finish.

* Stain: Soft Brown and Cinnamon
* Warranty: Five–Year Limited Warranty
* Style Influence: Swiss Architecture & Design




Rustic Oak Style Kitchen Cabinets

Rustic Oak

Textured, Natural Oak

Rustic Oak, a solid oak cabinet style, is naturally unique with knots and pinholes and organic color variations throughout the grain, making each door a purely unadulterated rarity. The clear finish of Rustic Oak leaves the genuine and spontaneous canvas of the oak untouched, enhancing the natural beauty of the wood.

* Material: All Wood Construction / Oak Wood
* Grain / Natural Qualities: Our Rustic Oak cabinets are lightly stained to provide a light color cabinet that focus on the natural beauty of the wood.
* Warranty: Five–Year Limited Warranty
* Style Influence: Rustic Farmhouse or Mountain Lodge


Rustic Oak

Vanilla Cream Style Kitchen Cabinets

Vanilla Cream

Organic, Distressed Ivory

Soft ivory with deeper inlay details, Vanilla Cream easily pairs with a modern, vibrant and vivid motif or a more subtle classic palette of whites, creams, and browns. The warm white finish opens up and brightens spaces that are smaller or have less natural light.

* Material: All Wood Construction / Maple Wood
* Finish: Painted finishes provide a clean and classic look for the kitchen or bath. Vanilla

Cream is a lightly distressed off–white finish
* Stain: Cream White Paint
* Warranty: Five–Year Limited Warranty
* Style Influence: Modern / Classic American

Vanilla Cream